Something Beautiful was started to raise awareness for suicide, prevention, and mental health issues. As a suicide survivor it’s very exciting to see Something Beautiful continue to grow and to be able to continue to raise even more awareness.

I used to be so desperate to die and not cause any more pain to everyone around me.  My last suicide attempt was horrific and I was discharged from the hospital with deep cuts in both my wrists.  At first, I was so ashamed and embarrassed of these deep healing cuts in my wrists. I knew when people saw them, they would immediately know what happened.  After some time, I finally realized that these scars are beautiful and a reminder that I survived.

I decided to call the organization Something Beautiful because I fully believe so much beauty can come from so much pain.  I want people to see it’s okay to struggle with mental health issues and that there is hope.

Thank you for your support as we attempt to reach as many people as we can.

Julie Baird

Photo by Cody Gray

I’m really excited to announce that we’ve started planning next years benefit! Check out the How You Can Help page for some more information

Something that makes dealing with mental health issues so difficult is judgement from people. Social media, family, school, friends, church’s, community, and your own mind. Kids need to know that they’re loved and that people care about them.
Instead of judging kids and making them feel ashamed for how they feel or for their choices, we need to embrace them. Mental health issues, suicide survivors, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, rape victims, victims of abuse, families who have lost someone to suicide, religious beliefs, LGBQT, and even down to if a kid doesn’t want to college.
All these things are things that kids deal with every single day. They’re judged and feel like they’re worthless and unlovable. They’re afraid to be who they are or talk about their issues with anyone. Kids have A LOT of pressure on them. We can come together and save lives because every life matters! Everyone at Something Beautiful believes that staying silent isn’t an option. We need to lift the stigma on mental health issues so that we can give kids a chance at

-Something Beautiful Team
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