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After much thought over the past few weeks, I’ve had to make the incredibly hard decision to postpone this years benefit. Due to everything going on with COVID-19 it’s not going to be a safe or realistic situation. I’m choosing to postpone everything till next year. Again, this was an incredibly hard decision. I’m looking forward to next year and being able to have some more time for planning everything. I appreciate every single one of you for all your constant support and generosity. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy in this very crazy and uncertain time. I will be keeping everyone updated through all our social media. So, be sure to keep an eye out for updates.

Help In a Time of Need

First of all I hope everyone is staying health and safe. Right now things are scary and there are a lot of uncertainties. COVID-19 is affecting everyone in so many ways. Both our country and our world have been hit extremely hard. Everything that is going on has intensified our mental health issues and made it incredibly challenging to stay health both physically and mentally. I felt like there wasn’t anything I could do to help anyone through these tough times and a feeling of helplessness was setting in. So I decided to do some searching and have found some organizations that I hope can help some people. We also have more options on our Resources page Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (links for both at the bottom of the page) for more up to date info. Remember there’s people that care about you and that are people fighting for you. Also, remember you’re important and you matter. Stay strong and there’s always hope.

Julie Baird Founder/CEO


NAMI National Alliance on Mental Illness

YES! Youth Eastside Services

Jim and Lizz Dexter-Mazza’s (Psychologists providing free online sessions for parents and kids)

Lifewire- Together Against Domestic Violence

New Beginnings- Ending Domestic Violence

Seattle Children’s Hospital

Mental Health America

Washington Recovery Help Line

Something Beautiful was started to raise awareness for suicide, prevention, and mental health issues. As a suicide survivor it’s very exciting to see Something Beautiful continue to grow and to be able to continue to raise even more awareness.

I used to be so desperate to die and not cause any more pain to everyone around me.  My last suicide attempt was horrific and I was discharged from the hospital with deep cuts in both my wrists.  At first, I was so ashamed and embarrassed of these deep healing cuts in my wrists. I knew when people saw them, they would immediately know what happened.  After some time, I finally realized that these scars are beautiful and a reminder that I survived.

I decided to call the organization Something Beautiful because I fully believe so much beauty can come from so much pain.  I want people to see it’s okay to struggle with mental health issues and that there is hope.

Thank you for your support as we attempt to reach as many people as we can.

Julie Baird

Photo by Cody Gray
This year we will be supporting YES! a local nonprofit organization
dedicated to helping kids and their families. We’re very excited to be
working with them and are thankful for what they do for our youth.
We had the pleasure of taking a private tour of Youth Eastside Services (YES!) main location in Bellevue. Thank you Kim, Angela, and David for having us and taking the time to show us what you guys do.

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