The annual Something Beautiful benefit was started to raise awareness for suicide, prevention, and mental health issues. I am so excited to be able to continue my work with the benefit because together we can help people and raise even more awareness.

I used to be so desperate to die and not cause any more pain to everyone around me.  My last suicide attempt was horrific and I was discharged from the hospital with deep cuts in both my wrists.  At first, I was so ashamed and embarrassed of these deep healing cuts in my wrists. I knew when people saw them, they would immediately know what happened.  After some time, I finally realized that these scars are beautiful and a reminder that I survived.

I decided to call the benefit Something Beautiful because I fully believe so much beauty can come from so much pain.  This benefit is a voice for everyone we’ve lost and everyone who struggles with mental health issues.  I want people to see it’s okay to struggle with mental health issues and that there is hope.

Thank you for your support as we attempt to reach as many people as we can.

Photo by Cody Gray

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our cause!

Despite the weather the 2nd annual Something Beautiful benefit
was a success. There was beautiful music and beautiful people.
My heart was truly touched by the people I was able to talk to and
by everyone who came out to support what I’m fighting for.

I’m so thankful for everyone’s generosity. All the proceeds will be going to the Overlake Specialty School that we partner with through The First Tee of Greater Seattle. I’m excited to be able to present them with another donation this year to continue helping kids with mental health issues and disabilities. It’s such a blessing that families are able to have a place that their kids can go that is safe and that they’re able to get the help they need.
Unfortunately not enough money was raised to also start a fund within The First Tee of Greater Seattle for helping families with therapy. It really does break my heart that I’m not able to do this, but, I know that next year will open so many more doors to be able to help as many people that I can be able to afford a therapist.

There are items left from the benefit that are still available. Check them out under the Items Up For Grabs tab and email me if you’re interested in anything.