Being able to provide kids and parents with as much help as we can is very challenging.  We came up with an app that provides resources, advice from therapists, Q&A with therapists, and ways to cope with mental health issues.  It’s so important for kids as well as parents to know that it’s ok to struggle with mental health issues.  This app will be something that will impact so many lives.  Our goal is to start a movement to break down the wall that’s been put up to silence talking about mental health issues. 

Our main priority is being able to help as many kids as we can. Building the app is something that is really going to help so many people, but, we’re not there yet and we have to build more to be able to reach that goal. We’re focusing on what we can do now to be able to help while working towards building the app. There’s organizations out there who are already established in our community, doing amazing things that are fighting the same fight as Something Beautiful.
As a team we will be selecting which organization we will be supporting and donating money to. We’re going to be raising money to help with the 3rd annual benefit. Being able to have a successful benefit will help us be able to help so many kids. Thank you so much for all your support and generosity.

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Something Beautiful is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization EIN # 83-3830924

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